Sunday, July 20, 2008

5724: Nonprofit Jerk Seeks Nonprofit Writer.

This actual craigslist ad seeks an experienced writer to draft a grant, coach the principal douche bag through the process, strategize the entire project and willingly revise the stuff indefinitely—and the writer won’t be paid a dime unless the grant is awarded. Talk about a guaranteed nonprofit endeavor.

Grant Writer Paid on Award Contingency

Seeking an experienced grant writer for a proposed startup Illinois nonprofit to be paid on contingency of award. Fee to be negotiated. Open to discussion of both flat fee and percentage of award arrangements but MUST be contingent upon actual award. Willingness to remain flexible, provide some advice and education to principal regarding the process, and use experience to make suggestions regarding grant seeking strategy.

Basic expectations of the grant writer:
- Consult with principal in order to better understand and come to agreement on the proposed project/mission/organization, feasibility, and process.
- Identify potential funding sources.
- Propose a reasonable and fair contingent compensation formula and schedule compatible with the actual award payment schedule (i.e. lump sum or otherwise.)
- Draft, write, and revise targeted grant proposals until award.

The organization/project involves comprehensive digitization of historical and current Illinois case law, and making it freely available to the public via publishing on the World Wide Web/Internet.

Please describe any relevant grant writing experience; and feel free to include any other information which helps explain (1) why you are qualified, (2) why you think you would be successful, and/or (3) why you are the best choice.

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