Monday, July 07, 2008

5668: Nazism, Sexism And Racism.

Boys will be boys in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• FIA president Max Mosley went to court denying a newspaper report that he staged a Nazi-style orgy with hookers last March. While Mosley admitted he engaged in a German prison fantasy, he insisted it was not Nazi in nature. “There was not even a hint of that,” said Mosley. He added he could “think of few things more unerotic than Nazi role-play.” Actually, “unerotic” would apply to any sexual encounter involving the 68-year-old Mosley.

Adweek reported Steve Biegel and Dentsu have settled their legal squabbles. A joint statement read, “As a result of this settlement, those allegations and claims have been dismissed, including any potential counterclaims that have not been asserted by Dentsu. Both parties retract all public statements.” Of course, both parties also agree not to disclose or discuss anything else. So like a ninja, Biegel slips silently into the night. Wonder if the retractions include the numerous anonymous comments left on various blogs.

• Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather charged HBO with racism, saying the network’s announcers display bias towards Black fighters. “They talk about Kelly Pavlik, a White fighter, like he’s the second coming. Or they go crazy over Manny Pacquiao. But I’m a Black fighter,” said Mayweather. “Is it racial? Absolutely. They praise White fighters, they praise Hispanic fighters, whatever. But Black fighters, they never praise.” No word regarding whether or not HBO announcers praised Mayweather’s performance on Dancing With The Stars.

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