Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5761: Bad Business As Usual.

Midweek MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Delta Airlines announced increased fees for fliers, including doubling the charge for a second checked bag. The airline can also guarantee doubling the chance that they will lose the second bag.

• Ex-Sprint customers in California received a treat when a court ruled the wireless phone company was wrong to charge people early contract termination fees. The company now owes consumers about $73 million. Hopefully, the payments won’t be handled by Sprint’s inept customer service representatives.

• Comcast reported 2Q profits rose 8 percent. Guess Bob Garfield’s Comcast Must Die efforts weren’t so successful after all. Wonder if the veteran ad critic will be judging his own failed marketing endeavors.

• Dunkin’ Donuts will add healthier items to its menu. Look for broccoli-filled éclairs and deep-fried soy fritters soon.

• Comic legend Jerry Lewis was caught packing a firearm in his luggage at the Las Vegas airport. Did anyone else hear this news and think, “I thought Jerry Lewis was dead”?

• New York City high schools have officially sanctioned double-dutching as a sport. Count it as one more athletic event where Blacks will excel over all competitors.

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