Thursday, July 21, 2011

9046: Pie Guy Has Egg On His Face.

The New York Daily News reported Jonnie Marbles, the guy who tried to hit Rupert Murdoch with a shaving cream pie, is bragging about his thwarted deed. “Simply put, I did it for all the people who couldn’t,” declared the pie protestor. Yo, dude, you got bitch-slapped by Murdoch’s wife—and it’s all gone viral.

Jonnie Marbles, comedian who slammed cream pie in Rupert Murdoch’s face, brags about attack

By Helen Kennedy, Daily News Staff Writer

The comedian/activist who attacked Rupert Murdoch says he did it for all the people who wish they could shove a cream pie in the powerful plutocrat’s puss.

“Simply put, I did it for all the people who couldn’t,” wrote Jonathan May-Bowles, aka Jonnie Marbles.

May-Bowles, 26, who was arrested for disrupting Tuesday’s Parliamentary questioning of Murdoch, was bailed out Wednesday.

Though fellow Murdoch critics complain that he derailed the much-awaited confrontation, May-Bowles said he pulled the stunt to expose the hearing as a sham.

“(Murdoch) will never face real justice,” May-Bowles wrote in a manifesto widely reprinted online.

“(The) select committee hearing was a farce before the foam ever left my fingers: a toothless panel confronting men too slippery to be caught between their gums.”

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