Sunday, July 24, 2011

9068: Misadventures Of Real Mad Men.

The New York Daily News reported on a harassment suit involving a prominent adman, and went so far as to liken the alleged wrongdoings to the shenanigans displayed in AMC series Mad Men by Don Draper. Um, based on the photo above, this guy is probably closer to Lane Pryce.

Maid’s harassment suit claims ad exec Leo-Arthur Kelmenson is a madman, pervy ‘Mad Men’ wannabe

By John Marzulli, Daily News Staff Writer

An 84-year-old renowned advertising executive is accused of hitting on a housekeeper in his Southampton home — like a lustful character from “Mad Men.”

Leo-Arthur Kelmenson, who headed the firm Kenyon & Eckhardt, seemed to be channeling hunky Don Draper, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Ex-housekeeper Kristine Mandell, 52, claims in the suit that Kelmenson sexually harassed her in 2010, including offering her $2,000 for a “sexual massage,” inappropriate touching, talking dirty and inviting her to a sex club.

“He described in vivid detail sexual acts with the specific intent of trying to excite [Mandell] and to participate in sex acts with her,” the complaint says.

Mandell’s lawyer Scott Brody said even after Kelmenson fired his client he continued calling her and soliciting sex.

Besides seeking unspecified damages for the harassment, Mandell claims she is owed about $30,000 in pay.

A woman who identified herself as Kelmenson’s wife, Gayle, told the Daily News her husband was unavailable for comment.

“There’s no merit to the claim,” she said. “It’s extortion.”

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