Friday, January 19, 2018

13985: This Is Badland 2018.

This is adland 2018”—Campaign’s lengthy examination of IPA’s annual diversity survey—looks a lot like adland 1918. For starters, BAME are MIA, especially at the C-suite level. IPA President and CHI & Partners CEO and Partner Sarah Golding remarked, “So, how are we looking? At first glance, the immediate reaction to these figures is that they aren’t where they should be. However, while the rise in diversity doesn’t appear extreme enough or fast enough, and we have yet to achieve parity at all levels, there is an inevitable time lag from implementing change to seeing results, and we mustn’t lose heart.” Actually, progress requires gaining heart—and brains, in the case of an excuse-making moron like Golding. An analysis by Alex Brownsell revealed “there was a fall in the percentage of C-suite roles held by ethnic minorities, from 5.2% in 2016 to 4.7% in 2017. Meanwhile, disappointingly, just 2% of chair/CEO/MD roles are currently held by people from a BAME background.” The accompanying charts are bullshit, comparing women in C-suite roles versus BAME overall—showing the senior-level women are trouncing the BAME in terms of success. Somebody tell Golding the IPA study results warrant losing heart. Plus, executives with hiring power who fail to create inclusion should be losing their jobs.

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