Monday, January 29, 2018

13995: Researching Common Knowledge.

Campaign published a divertsity dissertation dubbed, “Advertising’s empathy deficit knocks working mothers”—based on research conducted as part of a student’s MA in advertising at the UAL: London College of Communication. According to Campaign, the female student “said as a young woman going into the industry this culture of discrimination is not something she believes any woman should ever have to face. ‘I wanted to shine a light on the lack of working mothers in advertising.’” Um, that’s not exactly an area shrouded in secrecy and darkness. Heaven forbid the student might have probed to discover BAME representation has actually declined at the C-suite level. The “culture of discrimination” that women face in adland has never come close to the prejudice aimed at people of color—what’s more, White women in the field have participated in anti-BAME scheming. Oh, and the photo accompanying the Campaign story (depicted above) features a Black mom. How optimistic.

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