Tuesday, July 17, 2018

14240: Dirty Laundry Service…?

The Papa John’s N-Word Scandal has added bitter ingredients and bitter pizza, with Founder John Schnatter insisting an advertising-media agency—Laundry Service—pressured him to use the derogatory term that’s leading to his brand ouster. In a videotaped interview, Schnatter tried to explain the incident occurred during a Laundry Service media training apparently intended to help Papa John’s executives learn to deliver public remarks better. Somebody should have warned Schnatter that receiving advice on culturally competent communication from an advertising-media agency is like seeking unconscious bias training from the Ku Klux Klan. Schnatter went on to accuse Laundry Service of extortion, charging the advertising-media agency offered to “make [the story] go away” if Papa John’s coughed up $6 million. The scenario is so crazy, it’s probably true. Hey, Laundry Service recently executed major layoffs that indicate the company is hurting for money. Plus, based on his commercial performances, Schnatter isn’t creative enough to make up such a bizarre story. On the flipside, Schnatter repeatedly stressed that racism isn’t part of the Papa John’s corporate character. Um, better check your receipt on that claim. BTW, is Lil John still interested in joining the team?

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