Saturday, July 14, 2018

14233: Backward Bullshit.

This promotional divertsity message for “Have Her Back” features patronizing puffery from Campbell Ewald CEO Kevin Wertz. Actually, it’s hard to think about how many talented people of color have been driven away from advertising—waaaaay more than women, incidentally—because of the cultural cluelessness at White advertising agencies like Campbell Ewald. Hell, it’s not as if Campbell Ewald has lacked White female representation—and the place has hustled to add even more women at the leadership levels. So you’d think Wertz would work to woo back the larger minority group, given his agency’s record on the matter. But his actions speak for him quite clearly.

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Anonymous said...

So the biggest issue to blow up and smack Campbell Ewald in the face in recent history is a racial one, where their Ghetto Party disaster lead to a bunch of people losing their jobs and putting the whole agency in danger, and their response is throwing their weight and resources and effort behind...

GENDER instead of race?

Because helping white women get ahead at Campbell Ewald is the priority?