Tuesday, March 01, 2016

13107: Campbell’s Soup Kitchen.

A MultiCultClassics visitor pointed to a Twitter tweet showing Campbell Ewald Detroit spent the last day of Black History Month “helping to feed 15,000 families in Southeast Detroit…” The message included, “This is how we #DayItForward…”—as opposed to Campbell Ewald San Antonio’s #GhettoDayItForward. Based on the Twitter images, Campbell Ewald Detroit is predominately White and female, which makes the office extremely diverse by today’s advertising industry standards. Mission accomplished, 3% Conference! Missing from the photos is former Campbell Ewald CEO Jim Palmer, who will likely not need a free meal anytime soon, despite being fired for his inaction in the face of Blackface. Hell, Palmer will land a new job in the field before a minority gets hired.

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NotInTheSuburbs said...

Soup kitchen, huh? Does not surprise me, Campbell Ewald is obviously an ad agency that's used to working hard. I can tell because you got to work really damn hard to assemble a team that white in Detroit.

I counted 50, 51 people in that photo, 1 black person up front, and maybe someone half hidden in the back. In a region of the country where the black population is somewhere between 30% and 60% of the total.

Unless of course you're pulling from the all-white suburbs, and you strain your neck and block out the black culture and populace all around you, unless you need them for a convenient photo opportunity to scrub your #GhettoDay reputation clean.