Tuesday, March 01, 2016

13108: Day-Oh No!

M&C Saatchi Berlin created this Oxfam commercial showing Black people being strangled by bananas. Is there a companion spot with Blacks being beaten with fried chicken drumsticks?


Anonymous said...

If you thought that you were imagining nice white ladies at ad agencies climbing on the diversity bandwagon, shoving ethnic diversity off entirely, and only allowing gender diversity onboard, don't. It's definitely A Thing.


HighJive said...

Yes, that particular idiot has already been noted:


Anonymous said...

WOW. She's like a one-woman wrecking ball of ethnic diversity.

Is she blissfully blind just because she's genuinely clueless, or is she trying to hide her agency's whitewall behind a veil of gender diversity on purpose?

Not sure what's worse.