Friday, March 11, 2016

13121: The Most White Creative Women.

A MultiCultClassics visitor pointed to The 30 most creative women in advertising identified by Business Insider. It’s worth noting that women of color comprised about 3 percent of the group. Maybe Kat Gordon could team up with ADCOLOR® to create the 3%-of-3% Conference.


Anonymous said...

The frustration is, of course, that all this talk of diversity for women has only translated into diversity for WHITE women.

The 3% movement has absolutely eclipsed any meaningful discussion of what men and women of color are facing in the ad industry.

"Hijacked" might be a better word.

Nomme said...

There’s only room for one diversity discussion at a time in advertising. 60 years of talking about ethnic diversity did nothing, changed nothing, and only moved the numbers of minorities (or at least black men) backwards, not forwards, according to the rare, few statistics out there.

Maybe in five years or something when the gender diversity kick has gotten old and the white ladies who are benefitting from it feel sated, there’ll be some crumbs left over for People of Color.

Or maybe all the thousands and thousands of inner city high school students the white agency people have supposedly been training for those last 60 years will turn 21 and get magic powers and rise up all at once.