Wednesday, July 25, 2018

14232: True Talk.

The Talk inspired this parody—which is actually based on The Truth.

MOM 1: Who said you could get a job in advertising?

KID: The lady at the ADCOLOR® party.

MOM 1: That is not a good idea.

MOM 2: Listen, it’s an ugly, nasty word. And you’re going to hear it at Papa John’s, Campbell Ewald and other White advertising agencies.

MOM 3: Work hard on hitting—because you’ve got a better chance of landing in Major League Baseball than Madison Avenue.

MOM 4: Remember, you can do anything they can. Difference is, you’ve got to do it on multicultural projects only. And for crumbs.

MOM 5: You got your agency ID? Otherwise, they’ll think you’re the janitor.

MOM 6: Now, when you get pulled over in the hallway, keep your hands on the mail cart and don’t argue with them.

MOM 1: You’ll make a beautiful receptionist. Or Chief Diversity Officer.

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Anonymous said...


This one hits so close to home it hurts

It burns