Tuesday, July 10, 2018

14224: Cannes Cons XVII.

Adweek published the following quote from former R/GA Chief Creative Officer Chloe Gottlieb:

“I think 2018 is a watershed year in terms of inclusion and equality in the workplace. … #MeToo was like this spark that created a fire, and the fire is going to burn down structures, and things are going to look very different.”—Chloe Gottlieb, Google’s new director of user experience, in the press room

It’s true that “2018 is a watershed year in terms of inclusion and equality”—for White women in adland. Hell, Gottlieb was able to leverage her privilege to land at Google, another company desperately seeking to diversify, and apparently settling in its efforts by boosting Caucasian female representation.

Also disturbing are the constant references to #MeToo, given that the movement originated to help survivors of sexual violence—especially underrepresented women of color—versus White women in a field where exclusivity is the norm. The “spark” has been around since 2006, incidentally, and was only hijacked by adwomen in recent years. Sorry, but Gottlieb hasn’t evolved much since her “Here Are All The Black People” appearance.

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