Thursday, February 02, 2017

13526: BHM 2017—Google.

Google celebrates Black History Month by saluting sculptor Edmonia Lewis with a standard doodle. Meanwhile, Google infographics show minimal chipping away at the representation and hiring of Blacks.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Black History Month.

It's stock photo and minimum artistry time again.

Time for half-ass print and banner ads designed by Black ad agencies and designers given a handful of nickles to work with, to run in "multicultural" magazines and websites barely getting by.

Time for all the high-end, glossy, expensive "urban market" work "in honor of" Black History Month (i.e with hip hop or jazz playing in the background, and/or starring light-skinned talent with manageable curls) to be created, designed, photographed, filmed and perfected by white people in the US, or white people in Europe, or white people in South Africa.

Can't wait to count how many times that One Black Grandpa ends up in every single print ad.