Tuesday, February 21, 2017

13560: BHM 2017—AT&T Again.

Technically, this is also not a BHM advertisement; rather, it’s yet another example of self-promotional pap tied to the EBONY Power 100, this time from AT&T. Saluting its SVP of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer, the communications company bragged, “It’s not just what she brings to the table, it’s who she brings with her.” Really? Who does she bring with her? Milana Vayntrub? Unfortunately, like most Chief Diversity Officers, she has no power to influence inclusiveness at advertising agencies.

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List of who a Human Resources expert - slash - Head of Diversity at AT&T brings with her:

1) High paid white female diversity consultants that don't lead to any US minorities of color being hired at any of AT&T's ad agencies.

2) A seeing eye dog for the blind to overlook that the few "multicultural" ad agencies working for AT&T are stuffed full of foreign H1B visa holders, not minority POC.

3) Annual report writers and designers who write line after line of copy about AT&T's support of diversity, and never stop to mention that it's only white females getting hired and promoted there and at their ad agencies.

4) Black interns who get to design BHM ads that look they belong in high school newspapers, and have budgets accordingly.

5) White ad agency creative directors, art directors, copywriters, directors and producers that all get to handle AT&T's million dollar level and above advertising.