Tuesday, February 07, 2017

13532: Diverted Diversity @ 22squared.

AgencySpy posted on the diverted diversity developments at 22squared, where additional White women boosted the agency figures to 68 percent female overall, 47 percent female in the creative department, 80 percent female at the SVP level and 29 percent female in the executive leadership category. This place will require The 3% Conference to change its outdated and inaccurate name. However, a peek at the 22squared team shows the racial and ethnic diversity percentage to be less than 2 squared.


Anonymous said...

How long exactly are we supposed to pretend that this trend of agencies hiring and promoting endless reams and reams of white women is diversity?

Because that's how agencies and holding companies and the trades are trumpeting it.

I see lots of publicity stunts where these white teams (and usually a couple of black and brown interns) are doing something for Black History Month, or Black Lives Matter, etc., but pull back the curtain and the only people with solid careers and advancement in the industry are white, white, white.

It feels like the Emperor has no clothes, but we're being asked to pretend and celebrate the very visible fact that the only group of people making "diversity" progress are white women who, typically, turn around and hire white men.

snowhite said...

This is why I laugh in the face of people who run diversity organizations like Adcolor. Ethnic diversity gets thrown out the window when it comes to higher mid to top tier folks at agencies. How many, or better yet how come people of color are never interviewed for these roles? Until people of color get hired at a consistent rate at those levels, its just a joke to keep throwing yearly adcolor parties. When dogs and cats outnumber people of color at agencies you have a major problem. Dont believe me, check the bio/people section at some agencies. This diversity movement only benefits 3 groups of people, who 9/10 are white.


Anonymous said...

Adcolor's not there to make things better. Adcolor is there as a legal heat shield.

The agencies and holding companies pool their $$$ to fund it, then literally (like, literally) quote its existence in press releases, lawsuit responses and annual reports when questioned on discrimination lawsuits or their lack of diversity progress.

Adcolor is like their giant Get Out of Jail free card. And no one ever calls them out on it.

Anonymous said...

The cost of this recent push to hire and promote women (and we all know that means white women) is the shutting out of black men.

Nobody, not clients and definitely not agencies, are asking (and never did ask) for black men like they ask for women.

Check recent recruiters' posts, they're all over the industry boards this week and in recent memory, all looking for and encouraging women in particular to apply.

There's a clear price for this kind of diversity, and white women aren't the ones paying it. Males of color are.