Tuesday, February 21, 2017

13561: Persistent Sister.

How many of the 79 Likes for this Erin Johnson LinkedIn post are from JWT and/or WPP executives? Maybe she’ll post a follow-up that reads, “Nevertheless, He Persisted”—which would be a thinly veiled reference to how Gustavo Martinez was persistent in his alleged cultural cluelessness and discriminatory shenanigans.

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Anonymous said...

Props to that white lady for still hanging in there. She must have something awfully good on JWT if she has enough lawyers in her court to keep showing up for work each day.

It has been fun to watch how hard Tamara Ingram and company are bending over backwards trying to prove how diversity friendly they are all of a sudden, and watching the industry call them out on each and every paper thin pro bono stunt (mostly at the expense of Black Lives Matter, and/or the Black community) they're trying to pull.