Tuesday, February 14, 2017

13546: BHM 2017—Nike.

Nike salutes Black History Month in two ways:

1. Its annual BHM collection.

2. Its Equality campaign that declares, “This field of play. … If we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere.” Um, except when you’re talking about the advertising field. Now that’s fucked up!

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Anonymous said...

As always, check the credits.

Enjoy the sheer number of white men and white women (and the few foreign hires) driving the campaign.

Profiting from the campaign.

Growing their portfolios from the campaign.

Earning more and better future work from the campaign.

Getting prepped to qualify and collect their Adcolor Award from the campaign.

Basking in the diversity accolades they're getting in the press from the campaign.

Never having to once answer "Why if this campaign so supposedly diverse, is no one behind or speaking up about it on behalf of the agency reflective of ethnic diversity?"