Friday, January 01, 2010

7406: Madison Avenue New Year’s Resolutions.

Everyone is familiar with the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. Here are the MultiCultClassics Madison Avenue New Year’s Resolutions:

Spend More Time With People Outside Of Your Cultural Confines
Yes, you may start with the receptionist, mailroom attendant, security personnel, janitorial staff and Chief Diversity Officer, as they are likely the only minorities you can think of. But the long-term goal should be to make authentic connections with new people in order to broaden your views on culture.

Work On Your Cultural Competence Fitness
Create a routine to develop your multicultural muscle. Ease into it with simple exercises like watching a Tyler Perry movie or Telenovela. Build your intellectual and spiritual stamina over time. You can do it!

Lose Weight White
If all of your friends and coworkers look alike, act alike and think alike, look in the mirror—then look beyond to change the face of your agency.

Quit Smoking Stereotypes
Stereotypes are hazardous to your personal and professional health. Kick the habit.

Enjoy Life More Diversely
Leading a fuller existence that recognizes and respects differences is very healthy.

Quit Drinking The 20th Century Kool-Aid
The practices and beliefs of the past won’t work to solve the diversity issues of today. Rethink your hiring and recruitment tactics. Revamp your retaining and rewarding processes. Most importantly, reengineer everything.

Get Out Of Diversity Debt
If you are among the adpeople constantly saying, “We haven’t done a very good job with diversity,” “We’ve got to do better” and “There’s a long road ahead of us,” it’s time to make an honest and legitimate investment in inclusiveness. You owe it to your agency, the industry and society.

Learn Something New
Still referring to minorities with terms like Afro-Americans, Orientals and Latins? The Internet can be a great educational resource for you. Brush up on your digital skills while discovering the latest on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, lifestyle and more.

Help Others
Youth outreach programs and inner-city initiatives are the lazy, contrived and clichéd answers for diversity. Regardless, these efforts deserve and demand your support (hey, life is filled with contradictions).

Get Organized
Find and join the culturally competent organizations in your professional community. Better yet, launch your own inclusive enterprise. Don’t delegate diversity. Success will only happen with concerted and committed involvement from all parties.

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