Friday, January 15, 2010

7450: From The Trendy Troop At CultureLab.

The CultureLab crew—Kevin Walker, Philip Moore, Priyanka Patel and Andy Hunter—present the CultureLab Top 10 Trends of 2010. From the blog:

CultureLab monitored social media chatter during the last quarter of 2009 to get a grasp on evolving trends. We also conducted in-market explorations in Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York. Finally, our Trend Summit in December was a success and helped us glean even more about the trends expected to make an impact in 2010! From lifestyle, technology, media and fashion to music, politics, consumerism and street culture, we explored it all. We’re pleased to bring you CultureLab’s Top Ten list of the areas we believe will be noteworthy and notable among the “New” general market — the young adult, hyper-fragmented, tech savvy, diverse and cross-cultural group of consumers. Enjoy!

MultiCultClassics wishes to add number 11: Futurist guru Marian Salzman will present the exact same trends and take complete credit for discovering them—probably in 2015.

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