Tuesday, August 04, 2015

12802: White Elephant On Set.

Advertising Age published a story titled, “Disquiet on the Set as Shops Try to Ignore Elephant in the Room: SAG Contracts”—which focuses on the growing demand for digital videos and the resulting conflicts with the industry’s SAG-AFTRA contract. Actually, the White elephant in the room that everyone wants to ignore is the abysmal lack of diversity on typical sets, especially when the production is being run by a White advertising agency.

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startdown said...

you're talking epic layers of whiteness:

white agencies

white agency producers

white casting agents

white production companies

white directors

white editors

white media buyers

the list just goes on and on.

That's a lotta ingrained whiteness to talk about. Maybe we're better off being happy with getting a couple of black people in a Cheerios commercial now and then and pretend like it's progress