Friday, August 07, 2015

12807: Agency Quotes & Quotas.

Campaign spotlighted excerpts from Agency Quotes via a story titled, “Things you hear in agencies.” One example is depicted above. A new entry depicted below shows “Things you hear in White agencies.”


Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry, we just felt more comfortable with someone else."

"We decided to go with someone we'd already worked with, you know?"

"We're just looking for more General Market type work in a portfolio."

"You should REALLY check out Burrell / interTrend / Bromley, you'd be a great fit!"

TWAS said...


“Could you take that photo with the black family out of the deck? I don’t want to confuse the client, this is for General Market.”

“Can you read that line again in Chinese now? What do you mean you’re just the VO talent, you can’t translate our script for us while you're in the booth?!”

“Hey, Maria, when you’re finished emptying the wastebaskets, can you come read this Google Translate tagline for us and make sure it’s OK in Spanish?”

cMe said...

“Well, it’s a print ad. She’s not talking. I don’t care if she’s Italian, it’s not like anyone’s going to check, she looks close enough to Native American and that’s all we need her to be for this shoot.”

FML said...

'I see you’ve spent you’ve spent your career since you graduated working in an ethnic agency. But do you have any other pieces to show that aren’t so… you know… niche?'

#ThingsWhiteAgenciesSay said...

"We can’t legally say we’re looking for light skinned, so just say “International look” instead."