Tuesday, August 25, 2015

12826: Humana Hearts Omnicom.

AgencySpy reported Humana chose White advertising agency BBDO as its lead creative shop, replacing White incumbent RAPP. Both agencies are within the Omnicom network. Moving from RAPP to BBDO is like upgrading from Fathom Communications to, well, any Omnicom enterprise. A client spokesperson announced, “BBDO joins fellow Omnicom Network partners and incumbent Humana agencies PHD and GMR Marketing in helping to advance the brand and the business.” Humana presents another healthy example of Corporate Cultural Collusion at work. Oh, and selecting a White advertising agency where exclusivity reigns flies in the face of the insurance company’s alleged commitment to diversity and inclusion.


profffit said...

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any brand or client in America to give a full account to a minority agency.

Chief Marketing Officers are primarily white.

They primarily assume that an entirely white advertising agency team, with one Spanish speaking cleaning lady, an Asian intern and a black receptionist, are perfectly suited for understanding the nuances of ethnic consumers in America. They just assume they have insight and expertise, walking into the room. Out rolls the red carpet.

These CMOs also assume that an ethnic ad agency is full of bumbling idiots that can’t grasp the nuances of mainstream, General Market American life, even though they are filled with cultural experts who have to navigate both worlds daily. Here, have some crumbs.

Until that changes, until CMOs have their Come to Jesus moment and see the opposite is true, the white holding companies will continue to dominate all AOR searches, and all high earning account$$$.

Anonymous said...


Are we supposed to celebrate the “diversity” of this list?

Brazilian, Brazilian, Japanese, another Brazilian, a ton of white people from England, a ton of white women, a Canadian woman, and a black guy also from England.


How long do American agencies get to hide their tragically low diversity numbers, by holding up foreign elite in their place?

Anonymous said...

The diversity pom poms are already shaking.

"Not a bad compilation per the current Agency round tables! I appreciate that you've made a genuine effort to diversify your candidates."

If you ignore the elephant in the room and pretend that overseas ad people are interchangeable with US minorities, all righty then.