Sunday, August 23, 2015

12824: Weekend White Man Wrap-Up.

Campaign reported, “Publicis Groupe carves out role for Saatchi & Saatchi’s Chris Foster.” White holding companies can’t ever find a place for minorities. For White men, however, agencies will invent a totally new position.

Campaign also reported, “Guillaume Herbette to take key role at Publicis Worldwide and MSL Group.” The publication went on to state, “Arthur Sadoun, the global chief executive of Publicis Worldwide, has appointed Guillaume Herbette to be one of his key lieutenants.” Frenchmen Henchmen are usually White men.


CreativesMatter said...

Speaking of weekends, I now feel emboldened to say to my agency and holding company:

I see through you.

You can keep posting all the updates and profiles of creatives in Latin America that you want, and insisting that they are proof of diversity....

But I have nothing in common with the polo playing elite in South America you keep tagging and presenting as examples of diversity in our agency family.

I see that there are more plants and dogs in our US office than people of color.

Stop pretending.

Anonymous said...

You get global diversity?

We get "diversity of thought" and have to pretend like the emperor has clothes.

Like we don't notice that everyone held up as proof of "diversity of thought" is white.