Sunday, January 08, 2017

13490: God Save The Queen.

Business Insider presented “All the advertising, media, and marketing figures named in the Queen’s New Year Honours List”—which appears to be a group comprised of White men, White women and one Canadian of Indian descent. From a diversity perspective, it’s royal bullshit.

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hypUKites said...

In other UK ad news, it’s official. Long live age diversity in advertising, ethnic diversity discussions aren’t on the agenda for 2017.

You’ve got a white woman speaking out about the “shocking prejudice” in the ad industry, but she also boasts “Nicky Bullard (herself) was President of the 2016 Direct jury at eurobest” and somehow, the all-white jury she served on didn’t cause her to bat an eye about diversity. Oh, no. But AGE diversity, that’s the real problem here in this picture: