Wednesday, January 25, 2017

13515: Adland ‘17 Is Exclusivity 101.

Campaign published a painfully long piece titled, “This is adland ‘17: Part one: Gender”—including a bizarre subhead proclaiming, “All the signs point to a more diverse industry in our second-ever survey – more agencies took part this year, while comparisons for those that also participated in the inaugural survey showed improvement.” In keeping with the current diverted diversity trend, the trade publication opted to begin the examination by focusing on White women. “Ethnicity” will apparently be covered next week. Sorry, but “all the signs point to a more diverse industry” is only true when adding White women to the diversity equation. Hell, the image accompanying the report (depicted above) even featured White male and female icons. Campaign is literally and figuratively whitewashing the issue.

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Anonymous said...

Does the UK have the same problem the US does, where the native born ethnic population gets shoved aside in favor of hiring and promoting foreigners from abroad?

Because it would be interesting to see if this upcoming study differentiates.

I'm wondering if they'll do something like "Loads of people of Asian descent working in UK agencies", and leave out the part where 95% of hires are from elite families in Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc., and 5% are UK-born Asians working security or administrative jobs.

Or, "UK agencies overwhelmingly diverse!" and leave out the part where it's 90% Asian, 10% BAME, and the native born ethnic population is all scrubbing floors and emptying bins while the foreigners are in CD, ECD etc. positions.