Monday, January 23, 2017

13513: Johnnie Walker’s Political March.

Campaign reported on patronizing political pap for Johnnie Walker—created by White advertising agency Anomaly—that celebrates U.S. diversity with a contemporary spin on the classic tune “This Land is Your Land.” Based on the predominately White people section at Anomaly’s website, minorities should realize this adland is not your adland.

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Boricua said...

Look at the credits. Try to find someone who's Latino, other than the people in front of the camera.

Then keep looking, because even the names that seem ethnic belong to H1B foreigners, or non Latinos.

Johnnie Walker and Anomaly culture vultured the hell out of this, and are already all over the Internet boasting how this is a perfect example of diversity. They'll definitely get an Adcolor Award, and they didn't have to work with anyone from the culture they stole from. Because that's what they did. They stole. And gave nothing back. That's what agencies like Anomaly do, especially when it comes to selling liquor back to the communities they give nothing to.