Sunday, June 15, 2014

11907: Pornhub Review Obscenely Bad.

MultiCultClassics is a little tardy on this story, but Digiday spotlighted Pornhub’s search for a new creative director. The competition took the form of a crowdsourced endeavor, and Pornhub whittled down the submissions to 15 finalists. Viewing the top-selected entants really underscores two things: 1) Crowdsourcing leads to shitty work and; 2) There are lots of hacks in the advertising industry.

For starters, all the concepts look like stuff done by portfolio school students—and bad students at that. The thinking is crude, sophomoric and clichéd. Did anyone even try to consider the audience? The contrived attempts at humor ultimately insult the site’s users. That Pornhub deemed the finalists as viable only shows the client is idiotic too.

The entrants represent the worst of our ranks—people desperately attempting to gain notoriety by excreting dreck that the creators probably consider “edgy” and cool. These clowns have undoubtedly already drafted ADDY and Cannes entry forms. Save your money, dudes. Buy yourselves some porn instead.

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