Friday, June 06, 2014

11893: UniWorld Group Becomes UWG.

Almost missed the blockbuster scoop at AgencySpy announcing the rebranding of UniWorld Group to UWG. The shop’s website proclaims: “We are more than an agency. We are the curious ones. The seekers who believe invention breeds new ideas. We are makers existing at the intersection of culture, innovation and communication. We are UWG.” Actually, they appear to be roughly 28 minorities desperately scrambling for crumbs. Based on the work depicted, UWG must be struggling. Microsites for Amtrak? AgencySpy published the following statement from UWG Chairman and CEO Monique L. Nelson: “This is a very exciting time. Not just for UWG, but for the industry. The landscape is changing every day, and we have to be nimble and ready to act. As marketers, our clients look to us to tell their story to consumers. We can’t do it without studying and understanding cultural trends that help us tell our clients’ stories with passion, depth and integrity.” Yep, those Amtrak microsites tell the story of UWG’s success quite clearly.

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Unknown said...

It is sad (and quite revealing) when an agency cannot come up with anything original, inspiring or appreciably creative when it is talking about itself.

And it is sad (and quite revealing) when your only excuse for a press release is a pointless name change about which no one cares.