Friday, October 02, 2015

12872: The One Club’s Exclusivity.

Adweek published a perspective from The One Club Director of Diversity Traecy Smith, discussing the hilarious image from the latest Here Are All The Black People soiree. First of all, “The One Club Director of Diversity” remains an oxymoron and/or contradictory juxtaposition that’s as peculiar as the photo sparking controversy. Smith sought to defend the image by pointing to a video featuring the “Advertising For Good” panel depicted (the relevant part begins at about 45:20). Ironically, the panel was moderated by Barbara Lippert, a White woman who once landed a job at Goodby Silverstein & Partners via cronyism—plus, Lippert actually joked about the lack of Blacks on the panel. Additionally, Smith argued the panel included DDB New York CCO and Global Citizen Icaro Doria and an Asian-American participant. Um, is that roughly the equivalent of counting janitors and receptionists as diversity hires? Smith also presented the realization that “Progress is messy. It doesn’t move forward seamlessly; it stumbles, sometimes veering off in the wrong direction before righting itself.” Is that an explanation or admission—or both? The One Club is becoming the next ADCOLOR®.

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