Monday, October 26, 2015

12907: 10 Stories Of Exclusivity.

Adfreak published a fluff piece titled, “10 Stories of Creative Partners Who’ve Endured and Thrived Without Killing Each Other—How to make a work marriage work.” Based on the photographs, the ten stories clearly tell the story of the advertising industry’s diversity dilemma. That is, besides one obligatory partnering of Latinos, it’s a bunch of White people paired up with similar-looking White people. The ad industry loves depicting concepts with interracial marriages. But such borrowed interest simply constitutes a patronizing smokescreen, implying open-minded attitudes where none actually exist. The true “work marriages” are exclusive affairs.

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Anonymous said...

There's foreign Latinos, who are in the US on HB1 Visas and have no grasp of America's ethnic history, and then there are Latinos born in the USA.

HB1 Latinos are the ones that come here with a portfolio of work glorifying white skin tones, with blonde models, and have a few pieces with Blacks that are horrifyingly racist and stereotypical. Like the Brazilian guy at the creative head of the agency in New York.

These are his friends and colleagues. Don't mistake this for diversity. This is more of the same, and if anything these Brazilians are the MOST likely to lock even more African-Americans, and any one else who's too dark, out of their agency.