Wednesday, October 07, 2015

12880: Cheerios Diversity…?

Oh, look! The latest Cheerios commercial features an all-Black cast, with no over-the-top interracial or lifestyle quirkiness. The only quirky thing: it’s highly unlikely that an all-Black creative team hatched the spot.

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KeepingTrack said...

Let’s see… Did this stellar example of Cheerios' diversity feature any actual diversity? Did anyone black in the ad industry get to participate in any meaningful way?


Ad agency, Saatchi NY (definitely not black owned)

Chief Creative Officer Jay Benjamin (not black)

ECD Peter Moore Smith (not black)

CD Johnnie Ingram (not black)

Copywriter Brad Soulas (not black)

EP Dani Stoller (not black)

Producer Ali Issari (not black)

Accounts Emily Wilcox (not black)

Account Director David Barone (not black)

Account Supervisor Taylor Doyle (not black)

Production company, Community (not a black company)

Director Matt Smukler (not black)

EPs Carl Swan (not black) and Lizzie Schartz (not black)

Line producer Lisa Shaw (not black)

DP Tami Reiker (not black)

Editing, Beast (not black owned)

Editor Jim Ulbrich (not black)

Producer Sheena Wagaman (not black)