Tuesday, December 01, 2015

12952: Oracle Cloudy Marketing.

Note to Oracle: to engage the “distracted consumer” via online marketing communications, you’ll have to do better than this lame email.


Anonymous said...

I tune out advertising (TV, online, wherever) because it has no application to my life.

Getting barreled by white people doing white things from a white point of view 24/7 is not appealing.

This recent shift, where there's a thin veneer of fake diversity (in the form of an LGBT couple, or one mixed-race black actress, or an interracial but always light skinned family, etc.), is not appealing either.

Maybe if the ad world had loosened up and created stories for people of color, and allowed that advertising to occasionally be made BY people of color, we wouldn't be in this situation right now, where everyone is tuning out the advertising because it's not applicable or interesting to us at all.

But by all means ad world, carry on with a wall of whiteness and dull Oracle ads if that's working for you.

Anonymous said...

Washington Post says that Coke Mexico is getting asked to take down their racist ad.

Coke takes a pounding and WPP & Ogilvy Mexico (creator of the ad) just whistle and go on as usual.


Anonymous said...

So Zulu Alpha Kilo agency doesn't have a single black person working inside their agency (if this video is to be believed), but they do have one black backside to hit repeatedly.

Perfect metaphor for the industry.