Friday, December 18, 2015

12973: ADC Exclusivity Awards.

This lame campaign inspired the final ad depicted below.


Anonymous said...

The ADC put their heads together to really push for diversity, and ended up revealing just how bad the ad industry is in America.

If this is the epitome of the most diverse agency talent, then we're talking about there being maybe 5 black women in high level positions in the entire nation.

That's frightening.

numbersperson said...

I went through the list. It looks like there’s 2 black women total in upper level positions out of 372 (I’m not counting diversity director positions, because those don’t mean or do anything useful).

That works out to approximately 0.5% of movers and shakers and decision makers at ad agencies in the US.

Damn cold sobering is what that is, if the stats align with numbers across the U.S. as a whole.

Piper Hickman, Creative Director

Vida Cornelious, CCO