Saturday, August 04, 2018

14245: Chief Divertsity Engineer…?

While sharing on his experience as a tech startup consultant, CP+B Chief Creative Engineer Alex Bogusky stated, “This is a decisive moment for the future of the advertising industry. The needs of brands have changed, and it’s high time to reexamine the best creative approach to meet those needs. I think advertising agencies can benefit from the lean and agile practices that have revolutionized so many other industries.” It should be fun to see if Bogusky has evolved at all in the area of diversity and inclusion after 8 years away from the advertising industry. Wanting to emulate the ultra-exclusive tech industry is not a good sign. CP+B was never progressive or culturally competent with racial and ethnic minority representation. In fact, the shop under Bogusky was known for its frat-boy persona. And in this time of divertsity, the Chief Creative Engineer is returning while CP+B is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal emanating from the creative department. Hey, Ralph Watson could benefit from the scenario if MDC Partners and CP+B opt to give him a wad of loot to go away. Considering the PR woes at places like The Martin Agency, can Bogusky avoid addressing divertsity and diversity? This is a decisive moment for the future of the advertising industry indeed.

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