Thursday, January 31, 2008

5062: Sex, Lies and Text Messages.

Liars and other suspicious characters in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Isuzu is getting out of the U.S. car market. Although the company will continue to focus on its truck line in the states, it could not compete in the car category. Additionally, Joe Isuzu could no longer compete in the liars category, as Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick appears to be assuming a dominant lead.

• Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick made a televised apology, although he technically did not specify what he was apologizing about. The mayor is embroiled in a scandal involving an alleged affair with a staffer and racy text messages. The messages contradict denials of extramarital wrongdoings delivered during a police whistle-blower trial in 2007. Investigators are probably now asking the mayor, “Who’s in your Fave 5?”

• Sears ex-CEO Aylwin Lewis will still get paid through March 2010. In addition to his $1 million annual salary, Lewis will collect health benefits, $1.8 million in restricted shares and more. Looks like Lewis won’t have to shop at Sears or Kmart anytime soon.

• Cable channel RFD-TV is closing in on returning shock jock Don Imus to television. RFD-TV hooked up with Comcast to begin offering televised simulcasts of Imus’ radio show to major cities. Guess it’s one more reason Bob Garfield hates Comcast.

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Anonymous said...

QUESTION: How do you know when Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is lying?

ANSWER: His lips are moving.