Friday, January 11, 2008

Essay 4969

Liars, liars in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• The New York Knicks are taking heat for a commercial campaign depicting fans gushing over the team. Seems the “fans” are fake—they’re just actors. Not sure what the problem is. It’s not like the Knicks are real NBA players.

• Marion Jones was sentenced to six months in prison plus 800 hours of community service for lying about her steroid use. The Knicks will probably ask her to appear in their commercial campaign.

• The IRS claims Wesley Snipes owes taxes on $38 million. Additionally, the actor allegedly tried to get fraudulent refunds totaling $11.3 million. Have any of the newspaper reports run with the headline H&R Black? Just wondering.

• O.J. Simpson is back in jail for bail violation. Note to O.J.: Don’t ask Wesley Snipes to bail you out.

• A mid-level employee for Ace Hardware apparently made innocent-yet-incorrect ledger book entries leading to a $152 million accounting error. The employee is no longer with the company. He’s probably working as Wesley Snipes’ accountant.

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