Friday, August 12, 2016

13295: GS&P GOP BS.

Advertising Age reported on another anti-Donald Trump film created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners Founders Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein. What’s worse—a presidential candidate constantly displaying conscious bias or two White admen constantly displaying unconscious bias? Bashing Trump trumps diversity.

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JianQ said...

I'd like to see just one of these proudly chest-thumping "I'm so enlightened" ad agencies spend 1/10th of their efforts on actually, um, hiring some minorities.

Like not sponsoring MAIP interns only to ignore them in favor of clients' and friend's kids when it comes to hiring at the end of summer.

Like not speaking at an inner city high school once, taking photos of the white agency speaker in front of dozens of black and brown kids, and posting it on the agency's news and social media sites to impress clients and make it seem like they give a shit about diversity.

Like not including MAIP intern photos in the agency's employee photos, to make their all white teams look a little more diverse. Especially when the MAIP intern hasn't worked there since two summers ago.

Like not sending interns and HR reps with no hiring power to minority job fairs or, worse, leaving their business cards on the table and leaving the table empty and unstaffed.

Like not contracting (and sharing) a freelance diversity rep who floats between 8 other agencies pretending to give a shit about diversity when clients are around, and disappears the other 364 days a year.

Like not writing editorials about diversity but only mentioning women and gender and ignoring ethnicity.

Like not giving out 30 H1-B and 0-1 visas to people overseas, like candy, while ignoring minorities in their own backyard and (worse) using photos of those foreign hires to show the client how diverse and able to do Total Market work they are.

Like not allowing the agency person doing the hiring to shoot out the job announcement to a tiny little circle of all white friends first, and only announcing it in public (if at all) a month later, then complaining that no one ethnic ever responds.

Like not using recruiters that filter out any applicants whose work is "too ethnic market, not mainstream enough", then complaining that no one ethnic ever responds to job openings.

That would be more useful than these "I'm so enlightened" political videos that agencies keep pushing out.