Friday, March 28, 2008

5290: Don’t Ask.

From The Los Angeles Times…

No more answers from “Ask a Mexican” columnist

Gustavo Gustavo Arellano, whose “Ask A Mexican” column has angered and amused a great many Mexicans and non-Mexicans alike, is apparently no longer taking questions. His column today in the OC Weekly ends with this note:

“And with this, the Mexican formally bids adios, effective the feast day of St. Melito. It’s been a great run … but all the hateful e-mail, the attacks … and the fact that few of you have bothered to submit video questions to my YouTube channel wear on a guy, you know? Besides, like Mr. Dooley, Olle I Skratthult and The Katzenjammer Kids before me, this column’s time has come: It’s no longer necessary to explain Mexicans to Americans because Mexicans are Americans.”

-- Jesus Sanchez

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