Monday, March 31, 2008

5304: Eliot Spitzer’s Got Nothing On Me.

From The Sun…

F1 Nazi nookie boss to keep job


FORMULA One racing chief Max Mosley will NOT be sacked over a sadistic Nazi orgy with five call girls, it was revealed last night.

Mosley, 67, was filmed playing a SS death-camp commmandant barking orders in German and lashing uniformed girls in a five-hour video.

The married dad-of-two — son of infamous wartime fascist Sir Oswald Mosley — also posed as a concentration camp victim having his genitals inspected before being whipped until his buttocks bled.

But last night F1’s governing body the FIA said he would keep his job as president after Friday’s orgy at a flat in London’s Chelsea was exposed by the News Of The World.

A spokesman said: “As far as the FIA is concerned, this is a matter between Mr. Mosley and the newspaper.” He added that Mosley’s lawyers were “in touch” with the paper.

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HustleKnocker said...

woah... r. kelly and michael jackson are sittin in a barbershop yellin' "damn us... that mug's crazy!"