Friday, April 07, 2017

13628: By The Color Of Their Beer…

Advertising Age reported on a Brazilian beer campaign that is celebrating diversity by offering cans in a variety of skin tone colors. Skol even produced a video promoting the concept. Gee, this awful idea isn’t even original, as an agency in Germany pulled an equally dumb move with cola. Brazilian adpeople should just concentrate on creating scam campaigns and landing jobs in U.S. advertising agencies seeking to boost diversity figures.

This Beer Brand Is Celebrating Diversity With Skin-Colored Cans

Campaign Follows Female-Powered ‘Reposter’ Effort

By Ann-Christine Diaz

Brazilian beer Skol has been actively reshaping its brand to become an advocate of inclusivity. Last month, it tapped a group of female artists to reimagine its misogynistic campaigns of old, for modern-day with its “Reposter” campaign. Now, it’s changing up its packaging as a toast to diversity.

Working with its agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the beermaker has debuted Skolors, special-edition cans in a spectrum of skin colors. Consumers can pre-order the set of six cans on the Skol site. The campaign also features a sumptuous, colorful music-video-style film featuring a diverse cast, as well as a social extension that leverages an algorithm that identifies skin colors on profile pictures to allow users to “toast” others through the Skol cans.

To create the campaign, F/Nazca teamed with MOOC, an independent group of young black creative professionals comprising musicians, stylists, filmmakers and more.

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Anonymous said...

It's Cannes season. That's how you know this ad got made in the first place.

Brazil is legendary in the ad world for three things.

1. Racism and colorism that's so harsh and blatant it makes the U.S.A. ad industry look like child's play.

2. Scam ads that are created just to get to Cannes.

3. Using those scam ads to get to job opportunities in American ad agencies whey they continue with the racism and colorism once hired on a visa.