Thursday, April 27, 2017

13659: Mickey D’s Uniformity.

Forgot to mention the previous post on Mickey D’s sales boost included references to new crew gear from Russell Simmons’ Phat Farm, Sean Combs’ Sean John and American Apparel. Um, isn’t American Apparel essentially out of business? The offerings from Simmons and Combs—combined with the pseudo-Black advertising that boosted sales—makes one wonder why The Golden Arches didn’t hire a minority shop as AOR.

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AccSupervisor said...

Great. Now the McDonald's machine, which at least used to throw a few crumbs at multicultural agencies now and then, gets to keep things all white and all in house, and can keep stuffing as many black stereotypes into their ads without any pesky black ad professionals to have to employ.

You're going to see the number of black men and women able to make a career in advertising plunge deeper and deeper down, but more photos and videos of black talent in ads.