Tuesday, April 11, 2017

13636: Start Over, Goodby.

Adweek asked creative leaders for the best advice they ever got in their careers. Here’s what Goodby Silverstein & Partners Co-Chairman Jeff Goodby said:

“Start over.”

—Jeff Goodby, Co-Chairman, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

“Very often people—we just fall in love with our ideas that we can’t let them go—so we try to force them down a client’s throat,” Goodby says. “I think that learning to go, ‘OK, I’m just going to leave that alone. I’m gonna start over and come up with something else’ takes a lot of faith in yourself to do that. But I think many times you look back on it and go, ‘Shit, I’m really glad I did that, because that first idea wasn’t that good.’”

Hmmm. Why won’t Goodby and other alleged creative leaders apply such advice to addressing the industry’s dearth of diversity? Instead, when tasked with actually doing something about the exclusivity, award-winning trailblazers regurgitate all the contrived and clichéd “solutions” that have historically failed to deliver measurable and meaningful change—the idiots embrace the first ideas that were never very good and run with them. What’s more, they execute the ideas believing that no one has ever done it before. If Cannes introduced a Diversity Lion, saluting attempts by advertising agencies to ignite progress, all submissions would lose and/or be identified as scam ads.

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