Sunday, April 30, 2017

13662: Perpetuating Predominance.

Campaign announced, “Dave Buonaguidi to leave CP&B.” The faux diversity champion will offer “creative business solutions and investment to start-up businesses” via a fresh enterprise, which will undoubtedly advocate for White mums while perpetuating the exclusivity that has kept adland in “the dark ages” for far longer than Buonaguidi’s 30+ years in the business. Buonaguidi once explained, “There are several hundred reasons why adland is still so old-fashioned, the main one being that the people who run the business are predominantly White, middle-class, heterosexual males, a group that tend[s] to be quite old-fashioned and mercenary in their views and behaviors.” How fitting that he’ll now lead a new White-male-run business partnering with White, middle-class, heterosexual males who are equally old-fashioned and mercenary in their views and behaviors. Congratulations, Dave!

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abdulrehman said...

Thank you sharing on campaign. I really appreciate it