Thursday, April 12, 2007

Essay 1989

Head games in a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• Snoop Dogg will do community service as part of a plea deal stemming from gun-possession and drug-related charges (see Essay 1983). But the artist may be allowed to continue enjoying marijuana, as he has a medical certification to use it for treating migraine headaches. Guess Snoop won’t appear in Tylenol ads anytime soon.

• Singer Marc Anthony owes the IRS over $2.5 million for failing to file returns or pay taxes for five years straight. He probably feels a migraine coming on.

• A new study showed Los Angeles has the country’s highest concentration of minorities living close to hazardous waste sites. A lead author of the study explained, “The most potent predictor of where these facilities are sited is not how much income you have; it’s race…. You don’t have many of these facilities in West Los Angeles, and you don’t have many minorities in West Los Angeles either…. You’ve got both in Vernon and surrounding neighborhoods.” Another researcher said, “We think that we’ve gotten so far in civil rights and creating a more equal society…. But when it comes to the environment, to the most basic things — air and water — we have a long way to go still.” Talk about headache-inducing news.

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