Sunday, April 15, 2007

Essay 2002

Two more online comments responding to the Advertising Age story on Don Imus (see Essay 1994)…

> Imagine if an ad for Procter & Gamble Pampers “nappies” had come right after Imus’ comment — would you have brought any on your next shopping? That unconscious thought is worth millions for the P&G, GM or Staples who sell their product through airwaves, so their decision makes sense. Furthermore, if these companies really hold values, it is their duty to “walk the talk” and not sponsor Imus. After all, advertisers are the ones to fund radios, so they can make a difference. All in all, I think that firing Imus sends the right message to radio commentators across the country: neither advertisers nor the public will tolerate racist remarks on their airwaves, clear! — Geneva

> People are fired from their jobs for even less infractions. Imus was an employee, and the airwaves belong to the public. Advertisers pulled out when the public started to complain. The marketplace, in the end, decided it was time for him to go. Issues about Sharpton, Freedom of Speech and Rap music are misdirection and have no place in this context. — Mercerville, NJ

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