Tuesday, June 01, 2010

7696: Mickey D’s Shows Its Pride.

The New York Daily News reported on a French Mickey D’s commercial targeting gay customers. It’s hardly the first time the fast feeder has done this, as everyone knows The Hamburglar and Grimace have always been longtime companions.

McDonald’s targets gay customers with ‘come as you are’ ad on French TV

By Jeff Zalesin, Daily News Writer

The fast-food giant McDonald’s wants to be seen as a company that welcomes everyone. Judging by a new advertisement running on French television, that includes gays.

The ad shows a gay teen seated at a McDonald’s table, talking to his boyfriend on his cell phone. He hangs up when he sees his father coming.

The father, unaware of his son’s sexual orientation, proceeds to joke about the son’s all-male class at school. It’s a shame that there are no girls around, he says, because his son would get lucky if there were.

This spot is the latest in a long-running French campaign that uses the slogan “venez come vous etes,” meaning “come as you are.” Other ads in the series have featured flirtatious senior citizens chatting on laptops and a clever young girl who turns her mother’s scolding against her.

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