Wednesday, June 23, 2010

7732: Say It Ain’t So, Joe.

Is Montana trying out for a role as equipment manager?


kissMyBlackAds said...

I know, dude is also on the commercial. WhatI saw was just a V.O., "I'm Joe Montana, these shoes helped me, blah blah, blah...."


BunBun4life said...

When my son was about 5-6 yrs old, we went to this 'junk shop' near our house, which less a 'junk shop' and more a place perhaps a hoarder might sell their shit.

Once, he had a bunch of these 'Sketchers' STEEL TOE boots, all in kids sizes. VERY cute. They were made so that the little 'steel toe' was exposed "as if" the leather had been worn off.

My son went to school in an old large house & I always went inside with him. The first day he wore those boots, we walked in and he walked very fast right up to some kid & kicked him hard as hell in his shin (to which, of course, that kid fell down screaming)and my mouth also FELL open, but my son was calm. We all yelled & he couldn't wear those boots to school - but he never told me why he kicked that kid & he never acted like he felt guilty about it either.

Anyway - I love sketchers because of that, because it is our little family story (that happened 15 years ago!)