Sunday, June 27, 2010

7736: Gary Coleman Exposé.

From The New York Daily News…

Leaked video of Gary Coleman's private parts causes ‘Midgets vs. Mascot’ director to threaten site

By Soraya Roberts
Daily New Staff Writer

Want to see Gary Coleman in his skivvies? It’ll cost you $10 million.

The director behind “Midgets vs. Mascots” has threatened a Web site with legal action for leaking a clip from the film in which Coleman flashes the camera, reports. has reportedly posted the clip from that shows the “Diff’rent Strokes” star’s male anatomy as he stands in a shower.

Ron Carlson, the director behind the film, has threatened with legal action if they don’t remove the video.

According to legal documents obtained by, Carlson is demanding $10 million if the site refuses to take down the clip.

Carlson labels the video “a direct and blatant violation of our rights and quite frankly offensive on so many disturbing levels.”

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legend said...

Thank you. I think.

the"Human Tripod" comment is the cruelest cut of all. What a final image to leave behind.